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RMAA President to be determined at the next meeting of the Board of Directors

Kenneth P. Cannon, PhD, RPA, RMAA Vice-President (2017-2021)
President, Cannon Heritage Consultants, Inc.

William Eckerle, RMAA Treasurer (2017-2021)
Owner/Principal Geoarchaeologist, Western GeoArch Research LLC.

Kevin Black, RMAA Secretary (2019-2023)
Assistant State Archaeologist of Colorado (retired)

Brian Andrews, RMAA Board Member (2017-2021)
Assistant Professor of Social Science, Rogers State University

Molly Boeka Cannon, RMAA Board Member (2019-2023)
Executive Director, Museum of Anthropology, Utah State University

Jennifer Borresen Lee, RMAA Board Member (2017-2021)
Principal Investigator, Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc.

Spencer Pelton, RMAA Board Member (2019-2023)
Senior Archaeologist/Cultural Program Manager, Transcon Environmental

Rebecca Sgouros, RMAA Board Member (2019-2023)
Environmental Archaeologist and Educator, Jackson, Wyoming

Our sincere thanks go to our three outgoing directors for their many years of service to RMAA: Brian Vivian, David Byers, and Mary Lou Larson.

Requests for changes to the web site should be sent to the RMAA Secretary